7/7 Bombings


The Circle Line train which was blown up between Liverpool Street and Aldgate stations during the attacks

On July 7th, 2005 a series of four explosions rocked London, three inside of London Underground trains and a fourth inside of a double decker bus at Tavistock square, when the dust settled a total of 56 were dead and 784 were severely wounded in the countries first ever Islamic terrorist attack in England, within minutes of the bombings occuring numerous eyewitnesses reported that London was under attack by terrorists. However the London police simply ruled this off as being a series of power tube explosions and not an act of terrorism, delaying any form of meaningful response to the attacks and downplaying the incident to the media.

One very strange detail regarding the bombings though comes from the testimony of a survivor named Bruce Lait who claimed that the hole left by the bomb was located on the floor of the train with metal pushed upwards, indicating that the bomb was located on the bottom of the train and not inside of the train like the official story claims, a section from the article itself reads as follows:

"He and Crystal were helped out of the carriage. As they made their way out, a policeman pointed out where the bomb had been.

The policeman said: 'mind that hole, that's where the bomb was'. The metal was pushed upwards as if the bomb was underneath the train. They seem to think the bomb was left in a bag, but I don't remember anybody being where the bomb was, or any bag," he said. They were led through the tunnel to the platform at Aldgate, which was just a few hundred yards away, and taken out of the station to wait for an ambulance.

Mr Lait was taken to the Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, where he was visited by the Queen on Friday.

Reflecting on the ordeal, he said: 'Out of that whole carriage, I think Crystal and I were the only ones who were not seriously injured, and I think we were nearest the bomb.'"

One can simply write this off as the police trying to maintain a state of peace in the public as the town is actively under seige by terrorists, however this explanation does not factor in the case of the Hackney Wick to Marble Arch bus which was rerouted to Tavistock square, where it then exploded and killed 13 people. This is the only bus that was directly rerouted to a specific location by the police themselves and is the only bus that had a bomb detonate on it.


The aftermath of the bombing at Tavistock square

Confusion emerged rather quickly surrounding the bombers as they didn't fit the known modus operandi of suicide bombers or terrorists in general as they had purchased roundtrip rickets and paid for long term parking and none of the bombers had left behind messages for their family, the men themselves had families and another was a man who provided teaching to the disabled and underprivileged children, the four men accused were; Hasib Hussain, Mohammad Sidique Khan, Germaine Lindsay and Shehzad Tanweer.

The man who was cited as the mastermind of the bombings was a man named Haroon Rashid Aswat, a man cited by numerous American sources as a high ranking Al-Qaeda member who served as a hitman for Osama Bin Laden, this was due to a series of 20 phone calls he made to the suspects shortly prior to the bombings.

In that same vein there is substantial evidence linking Aswat to the MI6 as was first brought to light by the former US prosecutor John Loftus who stated that tensions arose between the US and UK over Aswat as he was serving as a double agent for the MI6, a fact which kept the US from charging Aswat with being linked to numerous terrorist plots on behalf of Al-Qaeda.

John Loftus speaks on Haroon Rashid Aswat

But let's tackle the anomalies in the bombings themselves, in regards to the government narrative of the event at least, starting with the fact that at least two terror drills were carried out in relation to the 7/7 bombings - one weekend before the attacks as revealed by Peter Clarke, a former member of the anti-terrorism branch of the Scotland Yard and the second carried out the same day as the attacks were occuring, as explained by Peter Power who worked for a crisis management organization said that he was being contracted by a private company to carry out a terror drill that involved bomb explosions on the London Underground metro system, the full interview is linked below.

Peter Power terror drill on the same day as the 7/7 bombings

The official timeline of events goes that on that day the four bombers were filmed at the Luton railway station at 7:22 and then took the 7:40 Thameslink train to King's Cross, where they were then seen on camera again at 8:26. But the trains they supposedly took were scheduled to not run on July 7th due to problems with the overhead lines in the Mill Hill area of London, between Luton and King's cross. The 7:40, 7:46 and 7:56 trains were all cancelled whilst others were only delayed by up to 35 minutes, this single fact punches a huge hole into the official narrative but we still aren't done yet.


The only known CCTV image of the four bombers together

It has been found by a handful of independent investigations that the movement patterns of the supposed bombers would've been physically impossible given the conditions, one particular investigation ruled the following:

"If you go to Luton station you will clearly see that it takes 3 minutes 35 seconds to get to the platform, without even buying a ticket, never mind four individuals each buying four individual tickets, and carrying large rucksacks.

You have to go through the ground floor entrance, up a long flight of stairs, turn left along a long passageway to the ticket office, then you have to go half way downstairs, view the 6 screens to see which platform you are going from, and along another corridor and then down the stairs to find the platform.

The police's official press releases and statements said that they got on the 7.40 AM train and arrived at around 8.20 AM - that is the official MANTRA - it's quoted everywhere. Nowhere did they ever say that they got on a train at 7.24 AM.

There are cameras all over the place, particularly noticeable at the upstairs ticket office and upstairs entrance to the actual station. If they were actually there they would be filmed buying their tickets, they would be filmed on the platform, they would be filmed on the train etc.

Sir Ian BLIAR and his colleagues at the police have just looked at the timetable some eight days later to fix their story to set up the four innocent 'patsies', arrogantly knowing that the compliant UK media would not question them, never thinking that all the trains from Luton to Kings Cross were messed up that day prior to the 'Bombings'.

It is ABSOLUTELY PHYSICALLY IMPOSSIBLE to do all this in TWO minutes."

More strange information comes from the bombs themselves, which the UK government said were bombs made from triacetone triperoxide (TATP), TATP is an explosive that when detonated produces an entropic explosion, a type of explosion which produces very little heat. Which makes the claims survivors made of seeing bright flashes of light, or the severe burns that survivors like Danny Biddle suffered incredibly unlikely if the explosive used in the attack was actually TATP like they claimed it was.

However the early reports stated that the explosive device used was not TATP but instead RDX, which is a military grade plastic explosive and would be more consistent with the severe burns and flashes of bright light that were reported above. Considering all of this it's very, very clear that TATP was not used in this attack but was simply labelled the explosive used since the role they chose was four lone suicide bombers.

One strange detail though in the investigation afterwards was the case of the incredibly obfuscated photo that the MI5 sent to an informant in the US named Mohammed Junaid Babar, the photo they sent was an incredibly butchered photo of Shehzad Tanweer and Mohammad Siddique Khan taken in 2004, their explanation for the low quality of the photo was that they wanted to send over the photo as quick as possible but had no explanation as to why it was impossible for them to just send the original since they had it in their possession.


The photo of Tanweer and Khan at a service station in 2004 and, right, the versions sent to a US informant

The fact that they went through the lengths to so greatly butcher this image and hide important details shows rather clearly they were attempting to deliberately hide information in some way, but what was it that they were trying to hide? We'll likely never know but the facts speak for themselves.

Finally for the last chunk of information regarding this incident I'll detail the MOSSAD foreknowledge of the 7/7 bombings that indicate they either helped plot the attacks or were aware of them in some fashion, but it adds an even deeper layer of mystery to this already strange and disturbing story with an obvious cover up.

Reports from Scotland Yard indicated that the Israeli embassy in London warned Benjamin Netanyahu, the current finance minister of Israel, to not leave his hotel room - some may ask why he was there to begin with but that's explained quickly as he was there to attend the 4th annual Tel Aviv Stock Exchange (TASE) investors conference which was being held at the Great Eastern Hotel, this is a rather damning piece of evidence that Israeli intelligence at least had foreknowledge of the events that would be carried out in London that day.

More evidence of Israeli foreknowledge comes in the form of an article written by Efraim Halevy in which he claims that the people responsible for the attacks were Al-Qaeda, this article was put online and published whilst the London police were still saying the attacks were the result of a power outage in the London Underground system so how did this former MOSSAD agent know this already before they even said the attacks were happening to the media themselves?

The last thing I'll say to finish off this report is something that ties into both Israeli involvement and the wider evidence of a coverup by both the MI6 and MOSSAD, which is the fact that no footage of the bombers has ever been made public outside of a few still frame photos, which needless to say is highly questionable especially when considering that this was the first ever Islamic terrorist attack in the UK's history.

At the time of the bombings there were a total of 1,800 security cameras monitoring train stations in London and more than 6,000 security cameras monitoring the underground subway network where the bombings occurred, so it was very unlikely that no footage of the bombers existed, but to this very day we haven't seen even a small clip of them there. But why is this?

Well that's simple to explain; 10 months prior to the bombings happening the Israeli company Verint Systems took over the CCTV for the entire London underground, Verint systems themselves was owned by a larger company called Comverse Technology which received most of it's funding from the Israeli government via subsidies given to high-tech startup companies.

So with all of this information in mind it's overwhelmingly apparent that the 7/7 bombings were carried out by the MI6 with possible involvement from the MOSSAD, this entire operation was from start to finish a way to drum up support for the war on terror in the UK.

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