Confirmed False Flags


Many people consider false flags to simply be a hoax and that these incidents have never happened, or if they do acknowledge their existence throughout history they simply believe they're an ancient relic of the past and that people wouldn't use these tactics in the modern day and age, this however is simply not the case as dozens of false flags have been confirmed to have been carried out throughout the years; even some in the current decade, so take a look and realize that this isn't just a conspiracy theory.

64 - Emperor Nero orders fires to be set around Rome and for the destruction to be blamed on Christians, leading to the first period of widespread oppression against Christians in the Roman empire.


'Fire in Rome' by the French painter Hubert Robert

1788 - The Head Tailor of the Royal Swedish Opera is ordered to make a large amount of Russian military uniforms, which are then used by the Swedish government to stage an attack on Puumala and start the Russo-Swedish war.

1887 - Francis Millen plots to assassinate Queen Victoria by blowing up the Westminster Abbey and then blaming the act of terrorism on radical Irish nationalists.

1920 - Polish troops fake a mutiny from the Polish army and seize the Vilnius Region of Lithuania, under the pretext that the operation wasn't the act of the Polish government but rogue soldiers.

1931 - Japanese troops dynamite train tracks and blame the attack on China in order to justify an invasion of Manchuria, referred to commonly as the 'Mukden Incident'.


Japanese experts at the scene of the bombing at the South Manchurian Railway

1933 - Hermann Goering orders a fire to be set in the German reichstag, which was then blamed on the Dutch communist Marinus van der Lubbe.


Bystanders watch as smoke billows from the Reichstag after it had been set ablaze

1939 - German soldiers attack the radio station 'Sender' and blame the attack on Poles in order to justify an invasion of Poland over alleged anti-German sentiment posing a threat to Germany.

1939 - The Soviet Union attacks the village of Mainilla near the Finnish-Russian border with artillery shells and blames the attack on Finland, leading to the invasion of Finland and the start of the Winter War.

1940 - The Soviet Union massacres 22,000 Polish civilians and military personnel and blames the massacre on Germany, referred to as the Katyn massacre.


The mass grave of Poles is discovered, revealing the true extent of Bolshevik barbarity

1946 - The MI6 bombs 5 ships carrying Jewish refugees to Palestine and has a non-existent Arab militant group called 'The Defenders of Arab Palestine' take credit for the attacks.

1950 - The CIA hires Iranians to bomb buildings in Iran and blame the attacks on Communists as a way to undermine the rule of Mohammad Mosaddegh and cause an artificial uprising against the democratic government.

1950 - The US Government uses agent provocateurs in the COINTELPRO campaign which sought to undermine and blame violent acts of terrorism on political activists.

1954 - The Israeli government hires Egyptian Jews to bomb American, British and Egyptian buildings in order to blame the attacks on the Muslim Brotherhood so Americans and the British keep fighting the Arabs.

1955 - Turkish PM Adnan Menderes admits to ordering the 1955 Bombing of a Turkish consulate in Greece in order to blame the attacks on Greeks and inspire anti-Greek race riots.

1956 - NATO, the CIA and the Pentagon stage acts of terrorism across Europe and fund far-right extremist organizations, referred to as 'Operation Gladio'.

1957 - Harold Macmillan and Dwight Eisenhower approve of a joint CIA-MI6 operation to stage attacks in Syria and blame it on the Syrian government in order to speed up the process of regime change.

1964 - Declassified governments reveal that facts on the non-existent 'Gulf of Tonkin' incident were intentionally warped in order to support the narrative that North Vietnamese troops attacked the USS Maddox.

1970 - The Turkish military sets fire to a mosque in Cyprus and blame it on Greeks in an attempt to stir up anti-Greek sentiment in the Turkish public.

1971 - Two hand grenades are thrown onto the stage at Plaza Miranda, killing 9 and wounding 95 - this is then followed by the 1972 Manila bombings.

1972 - A series of 20 explosions happen across Manila after the Plaza Miranda bombing, helping to serve as a justification for martial law to be declared across the Philippines.

1975 - British military massacre 5 people, including 3 members of the Miami Showband in an ambush attack on A1 road.

1977 - The KGB detonates an IED on the Moscow Metro system then falsely pins the blame on 3 Armenian Nationalists and has them executed in a bid to discredit those who wanted to secede from the Soviet Union.


The aftermath of the bombing on the metro

1978 - The German government stages a bombing on the outer wall of a prison and attempts to blame the action on the 'Red Army Faction'.

1981 - A bombing plot is exposed at the Riocentro during a Mayday celebration with the intent to blame the deaths on left-wing militants.

1988 - French neo-fascists posting as Jewish extremists bomb Sonacotra immigrant hostels.

1990 - Algerian troops massacre civilians in Algeria and blame the incidents on Islamic militants, numerous times.

1991 - The Yugoslavian government carries out a series of bombings targeting Jewish buildings and cemeteries in order to paint Croatia as a pro-fascist country.

1998 - The Indonesian military pose as agent provocateurs in the 1998 May riots, as revealed by an Indonesian fact-finding team.

1999 - The Russian FSB stage a series of bombings at apartment complexes across Russia in order to justify an invasion of Chechnya.


The aftermath of a bombing on Guryanova street

2001 - Macedonian officials lure 7 Middle Eastern migrants into Macedonia then have them all killed, trying to pass off their deaths as slain al-Qaeda militants as a way to justify Macedonia joining the US led 'war on terror'.

2002 - The Indonesian military kills American teachers in Papua and blames the murders on a Papuan separatist group in order to get them listed as a terrorist organization.

2005 - Israeli soldiers admit to throwing stones at other IDF soldiers whilst posing as Palestinian rioters in order to justify cracking down harder on Palestinian protests.

2007 - Quebec police officers go undercover and pose as agent provocateurs in the Montebello protests.

2008 - Georgian militants stage attacks on two buses near the border between Georgia and Abkhazia in a bid to blame the violence on the Abkhazian government.

2008 - Israeli troops dressed up as Palestinian civilians gun down four members of Fatah inside of their car before driving away.

2009 - Plainclothes police officers are seen attempting to incite crowds to violence at the G20 protests in London.

2011 - Egyptian officials order agent provocateurs in the government to loot artifacts from museums around Egypt in order to blame the thefts on protesters.

2011 - An Israeli troop dressed as a Palestinian woman is caught on camera arresting protesters in Gaza, such cases are referred to as 'mustarrabeen' in Arabic.


The Israeli soldier in question, image taken from the New York Times

2012 - Mexican civilians admit to being paid 300 pesos to 'destroy everything in their path' in a bid to discredit people protesting the swearing in of the Mexican president in 2012.

2014 - 43 students from Ayotzinapa College are kidnapped by the Mexican government and killed in a bid to stop protests originating from Ayotzinapa, their deaths are blamed on the Guerreros Unidos however independent investigations find the government to be responsible.

2014 - Agent provocateurs paid by the Mexican government are brought to the site of the Ayotzinapa kidnapping protests in military vehicles.

2014 - Russia sends active military into Crimea in a hostile takeover whilst trying to pass off the soldiers as members of civilian self-defense organizations.

2014 - Russian separatists in Ukraine shoot down Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 and attempt to pin the blame on Ukraine in order to paint them as a terrorist state, all of this was done under the order of the Russian government.


A rescue team searches through the rubble of MH17

2015 - The Jewish internet troll Joshua Goldberg claims responsibility for inciting the Curtis Culwell Center shooting, whilst posing as an Islamic terrorist.

2017 - A man detonates 3 pipebombs on the Borussia Dortmund team bus and blames the attacks on Islamic terrorists as part of an elaborate market manipulation scheme.

2017 - A 19 year old Israeli teenager sends over 245 bomb threats to Jewish community centers around the United States whilst impersonating a white supremacist.

2018 - Internet troll Joshua Goldberg attempts to incite Islamic terrorist attacks in Australia, seemingly as a continuation of his actions in 2015.

2020 - The FBI sets up an entrapment scheme revolving around the kidnapping of Gretchen Whitmer, who was at the time the democratic governor of Michigan.

2021 - The Lincoln Project hires 'neo-nazis' to show up in support of Republican candidate Glenn Youngkin in a bid to ruin his public reputation.


The paid actors hired by the Lincoln Project

2022 - A German soldier named Franco Albrecht plots to commit acts of terror in Germany with the intent to pin the blame for the acts of terror on Syrian refugees.

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