Operation Gladio


Patch reads 'In silence, we serve freedom.'

Operation GLADIO was a NATO stay-behind operation started after WWII, putting NATO soldiers and paramilitary organizations on ground in Western European countries in case of a Soviet Invasion, however in the 1970s the operation was revealed in full by the former Italian intelligence general Gianadelio Maletti who publicly claimed that NATO and the CIA helped arm and fund far-right terrorist organizations in Italy, as well as other countries across Europe, including but not limited to; Norway, Greece and France.

A full list of the attacks Operation Gladio has been connected to will be listed below:

For further information on Operation Gladio I highly recommend watching the following movie, released in 1992 it covers the extent of Gladio rather impressively and it's very worthy of more attention and praise than it's given credit for:

Operation Gladio (1992)

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